Few and not 97 things every architect should know

‘D’id a crash browse of the book “97 things every architect should know” and it was worth it. It has words of wisdom from many architects who belong to different domains, technologies and mindsets. What I learnt from it is:

1. Experience counts.

2. Things in software architecture change like everything else.

3. Gain breadth, Gain perspective

4. Be hands on – Write code and/or read a lot of code

5. Help developers solve problems – Give them your perspective (More often than not, they wouldn’t have thought about it)

6. Document, Document, Document.

7. Couples – decouple? – Design componentized architecture

8. The best developer is not the best architect always and vice versa

9. Architecture is a learned skill

10. An architect should be the upholder of key values, approaches and standup to counter/challenge the management if it is in interest of the project.


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