Real deal…

The last few months have taught me a few things.

1. Real programmers have Apple Mac machines – Mac Air to be precise.

2. Cool programmers use TextMate (Download TextMate) as editors for their development work.

Personally, I have neither. The obvious deduction doesn’t need to be spelt out. I am feeling sorry already. What can I do about it?

a. Buy a Mac Air and pretend that I am a real programmer

a.1 And as a corollary to #a above, install TextMate and start coding in it.

b. Browse job sites with a filter criteria “C C++ Unix TextMate Mac Air” J. The company that calls me for an interview will definitely give me one.

The idea of buying a Mac Air (a) is great but it would be kind of an intellectual insult for me to buy it, rather I should get it from my employer – isn’t it?

Anyways coming back to #2 above, I really loved the TextMate editor when I saw some programming videos. It is really an awesome editor – probably something that will give people who swear by “emacs” another choice. For me, I have to wait until one of the above cases become true.



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