Multilingoism and the poor programming array

I recently went to a Citibank ATM in the iLabs building only to realize the power of arrays J construct of programming languages. If you recollect, once you swipe your card, you see a multi-lingual screen that asks you to choose your preferred language. Mine is English or Hindi. I chose English only to find Telugu text in the following screens. The illiterate that I am when it comes to Telugu, I cancelled the transaction and tried again. I again got the same response and boy was I angry?. Well, I had to get the money somehow. So I wondered how? This is what happened next.

I swiped my card again and chose the language shown next to English, just below it. What I saw next seemed to make sense. The following screens showed Marathi text which in the original list was just after Telugu. So, that was it. An accidental error of array indices. Somehow the display showed the languages shifted by a certain index based on the “magical array” used by the developer who loved the country more than I do (and hence made me learn other languages). One thing I was glad about however was that the array was circular 😉 so I didn’t read anything that didn’t resemble like an Indian language.


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