Mobile App Development Series – 1

Mobile app development platforms provide the ability to build native, web and hybrid mobile apps quickly. There are several feature rich and popular mobile app development tool kits available in the market today. Some of them worth trying are:

· Appery (

· AppBuilder (

· Phonegap (

· Appmachine (

· AppMakr (

· Codiqa (

· Conduit (

· Apache Cordova (

The list above is only a partial list. In this blog series, we will look at one of these mobile app dev platforms called and learn how to build a fairly simple but feature rich mobile app. We will use Heroku ( to deploy this mobile app. The Heroku platform integrates with the ( mobile app development platform to provide a seamless app development experience.

With the mobile app development platform, the process of developing a mobile app is very straightforward. You build the user interface (UI) of your app using drag and drop from an available palette. The palette contains a rich set of user interface controls. Create the navigation flow between the different screens of the app, link the actions to be taken when certain events like clicking a button happen and voila you are done. You save the app and test it there and then using the Test menu option. Once you are done with testing the app, you can host the app using Appery’s own hosting service or the Heroku hosting service. Mobile app development was never this easy.

In the following sections, we will perform each of these steps and develop a feature rich mobile app.


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